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Learning Dog Tricks Made Me a Calmer Person

Updated: May 22, 2022

While practicing the dog trick, Leave It, with my seven-year old pup, I unexpectedly learned to regulate my own impulsive reactions and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Read more about the trick here.

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Mar 01

Right. yooNeye can learn gobbsa

lottsa new trixx Upstairs •IF• you

follow us to the Wedding Feast:

Howja like todo lottsa gobbsa

writing after our demise?

999+ oemnillionsObooks,

999+ oemnillionsOyears,

999+ oemnillionsOdesires??

yooNeye definately can;

we can do anything and

everythn VanGogh's 'starry sky'

...for E T E R N I T Y, gorgeous!

Here's how, miss adorable:

● ●

Love you. Cya soon. b@peace.

Mar 01
Replying to


You're everything to me;

you're everything to God:

● ●

Though I seem odd,

7thHeaven's odd, 2,

where we can be 1.

Coming, dear??

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